‘GOTHAM’ (dat BATMAN prequel) logo and plot synopsis revealed. Aiight.


Fox has pulled down its pants and swung around its plot synopsis for Gotham, the Batman-Not-Batman Prequel that they shall be airing. TL;DR edition? Shit kicks off with Jimmy and Friend trying to solve the murder of Brucey’s parents. For the unabridged version, as well as the full logo, hit the jump.

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Ben McKenzie is JAMES GORDON on Fox’s ‘GOTHAM.’

Ben McKenzie.

Anyone have an opinion on Ben McKenzie? In general? Unfortunately, I don’t. I’m one of those butt heads who helped submarine Southland by never watching it despite great reviews. (I think it had great reviews?) McKenzie has a better chance at ensnaring me in his next role, playing a young Jimmy Gordon in Gotham.

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