‘The Batman’ director shares official look at the Batmobile and my god am I ever horny

The director of The Batman, Matt Reeves, has shared some official looks at the Batmobile. And friends, I’m fucking loving it. Hit the jump for a couple more!

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‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Teaser: Meet The Batmobile

The wheels on the Batmobile go vroom, vroom, vroom. Vroom, vroom, vroom. The Bat-Man in the Batmobile goes brood, brood, brood. Brood, brood, brood.

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Watch: First official video of ‘Episode VII’ Millennium Falcon…and the Batmobile

Millennium Falcon

Jar Jar Abrams and Baddie Robotz have revealed the first official video glimpse of the Millennium Falcon from Episode VII. And as a little bonus, there’s a cameo from the fuckin’ Batmobile. It’s the latest batch of glad-handing and mutual masturbation between Snyder, Abrams, and their mutual mega-movies.

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Snyder reveals official look at Batmobile from ‘Batman v Superman’

Zack Snyder

I’ll give it up to Snyder. He is like the opposite of Jar Jar Abrams or whatever. Dick-Lords leak pictures of his Batmobile? He ain’t going to sit around and let that low-quality bullshit build “intrigue”, nah. Mystery. Not even. He’s going to drop an official look. Let it rub against our geek prostate. Cooing to us.

After the jump.

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Oh Jesus Christ. Just sadness and gray everywhere. We get it. We get it. Bat-Guy is way sad, always. What do you folks think? I’m just a little played out on the Brood and Gloom DCU. You dig it? I’m glad for you. seriously. But I’ll be getting drunk with Thor and smashing things while giggling all the while. Want all the pixelsHere it is in super high-definition.