Cosplay: RED from ‘TRANSISTOR’ is a melodious tune. For our eyes? IDFK.


It’s Friday! Ain’t no time for fucking clever headlines and shit! Open up! Your fucking mind-eyes-gullet. Swallow this gorgeous cosplay of Red from Transistor.

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ARYA and THE HOUND art by Skottie Young is killer. Pun? IDK.

Killing it.

Here’s a rather fantastic rendition of Arya and The Hound by Skottie Young. Visit his site. Buy his stuff.

‘IRON MAN 3’ CONCEPT Art is Totally EXTREMIS! Get It? I Know, I Know.

I don’t know why anyone is acting like they don’t totally know that Iron Man 3’s plot is going to be centered around the “Extremis” storyline by Warren Ellis. Lest you remain unconvinced, check out this concept art.

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