Marvel reveals ‘Civil War II’ comic event coming next year; cause movie synergy or something

Civil War II.

Ugh. Just like, ugh. I know that it makes sense for Marvel to run a “Civil War” event next year, during the time that the movie of the same name will drop. But man, as a reader, it just doesn’t do much for me. I understand that the comic books are an idea-factory to come up with concepts for the movies, but sometimes you just don’t want to see the machinery in such stark relief.

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‘Secret Wars’ #1 is Marvel’s best-selling single-day digital comic ever. In any universe.

it's a fucking SEVCRET!!!

Months of hype have prevailed! You, me, and a bunch of other dickhead slime lord wonderful humans went and bought Secret Wars #1 on Wednesday. On our digital tablet companions. Making it the best selling single-day digital comic for Marvel, ever. And I enjoyed it! I had pretty much no idea what was going on, but it has roped me in enough to enjoy the ride. Hickman Philosophy (AW, YIS) and the gorgeous artwork doing their jobs.

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CAPTAIN AMERICA becoming president of the ULTIMATE UNIVERSE. Sharks! Be jumped!

I love me some Sam Humphries. I love me some Ultimately Ultimate Ultimate Squad. I don’t know if I’m going to love them pitching Captain America as president to be, but I’m willing to give it a try. For Sammy. And his gorgeous afro. Plus his writing skills, there are always those. And the idea that the Ultimate universe plays for keeps, nephew! For keeps! I’m just rambling now.

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