OMEGA-CAST #19: They Have No Lightning!


…and, we, are, fucking back! Let’s get it out of the way: Riff completely fucked up the audio, recognizing after we recorded that he recorded it through his laptop microphone. So, yeah. It’s Garbage Audio from the Garbage Lords! That said, we hit on a variety of topics, and we sport a new contributor: our own Eduardo Pluto.

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Hideo Kojima being inducted into DICE Hall of Fame; del Toro presenting award


Kojima! Year of Kojima! His acrimonious departure from Konami has only increased the amount of love that public has for the auteur. Get fired, create one of the best games of the year. Get fired, create your own company. Get fired, get inducted into a Hall of Fame.

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BioShock’s Ken Levine Talks About Auteurship, Editing and More. Oh Levine <3

Ken Levine spat about his role in directing the BioShock mothership. He sees himself not as an auteur, but more of an editor. And the creative lead. Definitely the creative lead.

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