Rumor: ‘Assassin’s Creed III’ Screens Leak. When It Leaks, It Pours?

Golly me, Ubisoft seems utterly incapable of keeping anything about Assassin’s Creed III from leaking into the bandwidth-pipes. I suppose its a sign of the times. Latest batch of burped-up unintentionality? Some screens. They’re not confirmed, but c’mon.

Hit the jump to check them out.

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Press Start!: The Dude Who Hacked My Xbox Can Choke On Unicorn Puke

Pow! Welcome to the sporadic and unfortunately not really weekly anymore column Press Start! Within these confines we talk about what the haps are in the world of gaming on a given week. No column is complete without a lazy conceit, so we’re rocking a Top 5 list. Per usual, my list is based solely on personal preference, and reflects only  my poor taste. Do my dumb ass a solid and spout off in the comments section about what caught your fancy these past seven days.

Let’s boogie. Woogie.

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