Ridley Scott and Syfy making ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ miniseries sequel


Apparently Syfy is totally serious about being totally serious about producing dope content. The channel has doubled down on the acknowledgement that they’ve been fucking up for a while now (SO SAY WE ALL), and is going about addressing that development with new promising series. The latest announcement? A miniseries sequel to 2001.

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Largest solar sail, ‘SUNJAMMER’ setting out into space in 2014. FLY FREE, FRIEND.


All I know about solar sails comes from Arthur C. Clarke, but most importantly – from Count Dookie or whatever from Attack on My Childhood: Episode 99. Motherfucker all flies away after hacking off Emo Hitler’s arm, utilizing some sort of sailing device. Uh. Anyways, we have them as well, I guess. And a massive one is setting out in 2014, probably to hunt down Count Dookie and slay the living shit out of him.

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Video: Arthur C. Clarke Predicts The Internet And Personal Computers. In 1974. I Hate Myself.

Arthur C. Clarke knows how to humble a man. Like many of my heroes, the dude dabbles in a bit of the futurism. Check out this video from 1974 where the good sir predicts  the internet and computers. So goddamn awesome.

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