Monday Morning Commute: Stop the Bastards!

Stop the Bastards!

Welcome to the Monday Morning Commute! This is the weekly entertainment call-to-arms hosted at OL! First, I’m going to share a short piece of fiction I’ve just unearthed from my brain with a caffeine-excavator. Then, I’m going to detail some of the ideas I have for entertaining myself into the weekend. Lastly, the final step of the MMC is for you to hit up the comments section and share party-agenda for the week!

This is pop-culture show-and-tell at its most unabashedly passionate.

Take a rip of your favorite beverage and go for it!

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‘ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT’ character posters get the Season Four tease dripping.

It's back!

Want some more Arrested Development? Next month for that, yo. Want some character posters for the upcoming season? That I can do, friendo. Hit the jump.

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KRISTEN WIIG and SETH ROGEN are guesting on ‘ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT’ Season 4. Most righteous.

Arrested Development season four.

Fuck yes. Every once in a while, I recall that Arrested Development is getting a fourth season. In these brief moments of mental illumination,  a tingling feeling engulfs my genitals. Quietly, they hum with the consolation of a temporarily beautiful universe. Now that I know both Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen are guest starring in season four, said humming and glowing will feel even more fantastical.

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