Disney wants Chris Pratt for ‘Indiana Jones’ movie


Should anyone play Indiana Jones, outside of Harrison Ford? Of course not. Could I see Chris Pratt being a suitable replacement in a world where Ford must be replaced? Yes.

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‘Parks and Recreation’ Final Season Trailer: NINJA ATTACK!!!


Oh my god. Just when I thought I couldn’t relate to Andy Dwyer anymore, the dude lands a fucking TV show in the last season of P&R. Titled Ninja Attack. I’m going to miss you, Spirit Fictional Character.

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NBD: CHRIS PRATT looking hot as f**k on set of ‘JURASSIC WORLD.’

god damn you

Fuck you, Chris Pratt. And fuck your talent, humor, and now that you’ve put down the Klondike Bars, your irrepressible beauty. This picture from the set of Jurassic World with you rockin’ it on a motorcycle is a whole new level of unfair. Hit the jump to join me in my revelry.

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‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’ Posters: Star-Lord & Drax Are Totes Buddies

them two

EHHHH, I don’t know. I’m running out of fucking ways to describe these Guardians of the Galaxy character posters. The two final posters completing the set have been dropped, and they’re starring Andy Dwyer and some Wrestler Guy. Get some! In your soul!

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