‘ANCHORMAN 2’ To Tackle 24-Hour News Cycle, Diversity.

Anchorman 2  is getting underway, and despite the script not being finished we’re learning more and more about what this second dive into the mind of Ron Burgundy will entail.

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Story Behind ‘ANCHORMAN 2’ Finally Happening, Plus Possible Release Date.

Anchorman 2  was bandied about for years, consistently being shot down because of Paramount’s reluctance to fund the son of a bitch. After all this time its really going to happen, and many are wondering what led to this reversal in fortune for the sequel. Wonder no more, you inquisitive pricks!

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‘ANCHORMAN 2’ DETAILS: Custody Battles and Bowling! Uh, Yeah!

Not only is Anchorman 2  happening, but we’re beginning to hear some news about the cash-in. Shit, did I just call it an obvious cash-in for Ferrell now that he can’t seem to churn out a hit? Goddamn right I did!

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