‘A.P. Bio’ Season 4 Trailer: Everybody Shut Up Again on September 2!

Holy fuck, A.P. Bio is back soon! Like, real motherfucking soon! September 2 soon! Here’s a trailer for the fourth season to get you real, real dirty on your chalkboard. Yeah, I don’t know what the fuck I mean by that. Whatever.

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Bruce Campbell joins ‘A.P. Bio’ Season 4 as Jack Griffin’s dad. This is perfect fucking casting.

a.p. bio season 4 bruce campbell

Goddamn, am I ever glad that A.P. Bio exists. Just a real fucking gem of a television show, and maybe the only reason I’m glad Peacock is a streaming service. Cause they saved the show when all you bum-ass bitches didn’t watch it on NBC. I forgive you, but I don’t forget. Now the show is cranking into its fourth season and the production has revealed some inspired casting. The show has added Bruce Campbell as Jack Griffin’s dad. Just goddamn perfect.

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‘A.P. Bio’ ain’t canceled after all, but it’s moving to NBC’s streaming service. Well, fuck, I’m there!

ap bio not canceled

A.P. Bio is not canceled! It’s been saved…by the same station that killed it. Goddamn, I love A.P. Bio. How fucking much? I’m willing to adopt NBC’s streaming platform to watch the show. That’s how much.

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