‘THE HOBBIT’ TRAILER: Bilbo is an equivocating asshole. Just saying.

Goddammit, Bilbo. You’ve become yet another parental figure that is a totally equivocating asshole. Full Obi-Wan right here. “I told you the truth, but uhhhhh, not the whole thing.” Classy, bro. Classy.

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Peter Jackson REALLY wants to make ‘THE HOBBIT’ a trilogy. I sigh to myself.

I don’t blame Peter Jackson for wanting to make The Hobbit a trilogy. I mean, outside of the franchise, dude is pretty much saltine crackers at this point. I do, however, groan for the content.

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Peter Jackson’s 48fps Preview of ‘THE HOBBIT’ UNDERWHELMS. At Best. Gulp.

Peter Jackson has previewed ten-minutes of The Hobbit  for a gaggle of lucky-enoughs, and the results haven’t been very positive. In fact, most found the footage underwhelming. What is really concerning are the reactions by the viewers to the film’s usage of 48fps, which has some pulling out pubes and screaming to the Heavens.

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