Peter Jackson REALLY wants to make ‘THE HOBBIT’ a trilogy. I sigh to myself.

I don’t blame Peter Jackson for wanting to make The Hobbit a trilogy. I mean, outside of the franchise, dude is pretty much saltine crackers at this point. I do, however, groan for the content.


It looks like Peter Jackson will be making a third Hobbit film after all. At least, that’s what he’s decided he wants to do, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In the past few days, logistical talks have “accelerated” between the director, his producing partners and Warner Bros., who would be open to the idea if the finances worked out.

Jackson suggested he’d be interested in a third film a couple weeks ago and has since been figuring out when the production would have to come back to do reshoots, how many of the actors would need to come back, when they’d need to come back, and how much all of that would cost. All of that is almost in order. Read more after the jump.

A source told The Hollywood Reporter that if a third film is to be made out of The Hobbit, a decision would have to be made soon but that talks “have accelerated in recent days, with the studio on board if the right financial arrangements can be achieved:”

Things I’m not excited for: this.