’24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY’ Trailer: Would You Believe Bauer Goes Rogue?

Jack Bauer is back.

Everyone’s favorite distributor of Torture Porn is back in the house. And would you believe despite giving Jack Bauer a respite, the writers of 24: Live Another Day seem to offer nothing new? Even in the trailer? I mean — mentioning that he’s a traitor in the span of a thirty-second trailer? Pretend to do something different, FOX! (Or maybe it’s just the old “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Cause I’ll end up watching anyways.)

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JACK BAUER AND ’24’ RETURNING TO FOX. Torture Porn Addicts Moan.


I didn’t see this coming. It looks like everyone’s favorite utilitarian torture export and post 9/11 wunder-hero is returning to television. Kiefer Sutherland will be dusting off the heavy artillery and reprising his role as Jack Bauer next year, as 24 returns for a twelve-episode journey.

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