Monday Morning Commute: That Noveria Life


As you may or may not know, it’s the fucking Snowpocalypse here on the Northeastern Seaboard of the Empire. We ain’t fucking Commuting Anywhere! It’s the End Times! That’s what the media says! No worries. No sweat. I have serious provisions: four twelve-packs of Diet Dews. Five pounds of Laffy Taffy. A family-sized box of Chez-Its. And I have serious amounts of time on my hands, too. Multiple feet of snow coming in. Multiple miles-per-hour of serious wind. Probably ain’t going to teach again until Friday. So this is what I’m filling my week with. Both during the Snowpocalypse and after we dig out.

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OMEGA-LINKS: We’ve Got (Brian) Wood for Net Neutrality, and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’


I’ve been fucking BUSY lately. This means several things. First, I’m eating three sandwiches at 4 a.m. while weeping into my Fleshlight. Second, I’m not reading or playing nearly as much as I want to. And third, I have a fucking STACK of articles I haven’t been able to share with you fucks. So color this a Space-Ship Colonic. ‘Cause I’m flushing them links out in one post. We got everything from Brian Wood, to Guardians of the Galaxy, to Netflix slap-fighting with the FCC.

Something ain’t here? Share your own noteworthy nuggets from this week.

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’12 MONKEYS’ TV PILOT could begin filming THIS NOVEMBER.

12 Monkeys goes TV.

12 Monkeys was one of those movies that just straight-up fucking terrified me when I saw it for the first time. I was young, it was dark as shit, nothing ended happily. The uncomfortable feeling I had after finishing that first viewing sticks with me to this day. So maybe that’s why I’m both excited and apprehensive about a potential TV series.

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The Dude’s High 5s: Top 5 Dystopian Societies [MOVIES]

Happy 4th of July everyone.  Today we Americans get to celebrate the birth of our country by eating too much, drinking copious amounts of booze, and then when we’re just about to pass out, play with explosives.  Take that Belarus!  In your face Mongolia!  Catch you on the flip side Latveria!  Since we all love freedom so much, let’s take this opportunity to actually recognize what we have.  This week’s High 5 will take a look at what the world would look like with either too much control, or not enough control.  There are some movies that tackle the subject quite well.  So let’s hear it for the dystopias!

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