Monday Morning Commute: That Noveria Life


As you may or may not know, it’s the fucking Snowpocalypse here on the Northeastern Seaboard of the Empire. We ain’t fucking Commuting Anywhere! It’s the End Times! That’s what the media says! No worries. No sweat. I have serious provisions: four twelve-packs of Diet Dews. Five pounds of Laffy Taffy. A family-sized box of Chez-Its. And I have serious amounts of time on my hands, too. Multiple feet of snow coming in. Multiple miles-per-hour of serious wind. Probably ain’t going to teach again until Friday. So this is what I’m filling my week with. Both during the Snowpocalypse and after we dig out.


my local prole team is in the 

super bowl. v. much yes. root.



okay we didnt beat yoshis island 

last weekend. too much food.

and chemical enhancement. this weekend!

yoshis islandZ


if you havent read “star wars” #1issue.

and you like the Force.

what the fuck are you doing?



bateman, rendar and i watched royal rumble.

v. much controversy but it was fun feeling 10again.



any of you. fuck “with” the breakfast game?

if so what are you down with as far as “bakery” goods?

im obsessed w/chocolate chip bagels



hey “the dude” and others who “like books”

check out shovel ready and its sequel near enemy.

by adam sternbergh. detective story in a post-apoc


shovel readee


is anyone watching 12monkeys? everyone on.

the “Internet” seems to really like it.

twelv12 monkeys


seriously this blizzard is for fuckking.


hot and shit


what are you “folks” doing this week?