OMEGA-CAST #3 – Squatchin, SDCC, and Pancakes.

Now that Patrick Bateman and Rendar Frankenstein have returned from squatchin’ in the Great White North, the Three Omega Idiots decide to tackle the San Diego Comic Convention Thing. Plus! Taking gnarly dumps, maybe two functioning microphones, how much better Thor is than The Flash, and cheap plugs of shitty t-shirts.

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Transmissions from the OMEGA-LEVEL.

Here it is! The second Transmission from the Omega-Level has arrived. What lies within the rotting halls of this second podcast? Rendar. You wanted him, well now you got him. So much Rendar that you’ll never want more Rendar. And then you’ll find yourself missing his musk. Apologies for the shortness of the podcast, we cut one quickly off the cuff before Bateman and Rendar left for the Great North. They’re now among the Maple Syrup Bears, throwing hockey pucks at one another or some shit.

We will be back soon.

Until then, steel yourself.

Here. Or on iTunes.

For Rendar’s Revenge.

OMEGA-CAST #1 – Let It Begin


Behold! The first Transmission from The Omega Level. Produced by the inestimable Riff Simian and recorded aboard the Spaceship Omega, the podcast tries its damnedest to catch up on the Summer Happenings so far. Summer Movies. E3. Super Punch Out. We realize it’s a bit rough — and Caffeine Powered was clearly paid off by the producers of Fast 6 — but we hope you welcome it as a new addition to the website.

Leave any thoughts or segment ideas in the comments!