‘WARLORDS OF DRAENOR’ is dropping this fall; digital preorders open. Perks Get!


Still on the fence about the next WoW expansion pack. I’ve played every one of them,  my interest diminishing with each installment. The time I spend in the expansion decreased, that Old Douchebag sentiment of yearning for bygone days spiking.

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Cosplay: This TIFA LOCKHART is Final Heaven


God bless, god bless. Been a minute since I’ve featured some Tifa Lockhart. Or as she was called around my group of friends, “the fictional character that launched a thousand hormonal ships into the thralls of puberty.” Whelp — here I go, paying tribute to the lass with some wonderful cosplay.

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OH LAWD: Free-To-Play Shooter ‘CROSSFIRE’ makes NEARLY $1 BILLI.


Sign I’m getting old: I ain’t even heard of Crossfire. Fucking free-to-play game first-person shooter. Despite not hearing of it, the son of a bitch made nearly a billion dollars last year. A fucking billion dollars!

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Blizzard has dropped the reveal on the next World of Warcraft expansion. And right when they announced new character models, I began licking their toes like the slavish whore that I am.

Hit the jump for full deets.

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BLIZZARD files ‘HEROES OF THE STORM’ TRADEMARK. No word if the heroes are panda bears.

World of Warcraft.

Looks like a new WoW expansion pack of brewing. Fuck you, World of Warcraft. Fuck you. Despite my diminishing enjoyment with every successive expansion pack, I know that you’ll lure me back into the Storm. With the Heroes People Stuff.

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BLIZZARD STARTS OVER ON THEIR NEW MMO; but we have f**king pandas so who cares?!


Whoops. It looks like things are not fairing well on Blizzard’s new MMO. Not the best time for such news either, seeing as that WoW is bleeding heavily out of their player base-anus. The hive-mind at Blizzard is restarting their super-secret MMO, as well as pushing the son of a bitch to 2016.

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World of Warcraft’s fourth expansion hits September 25th. I know I’m the only one that still cares.

Although the numbers say otherwise!  Millions are still rompin’ around Azeroth, even if their numbers have dwindled.  Blizzard will pre-empt the busier holiday season with a September release of Mists of Pandaria  (the previous two expansions both launched later, in November and December).

The highlights of today’s news include a digital deluxe edition for the game (as opposed to just the big bulky retail deluxe box, that and I and fifty thousand other nerds will still be buying), and the usual promo tie-ins with other Blizzard properties, Diablo III and Starcraft 2.

Thanks to Spaceship OL, I’ve been playing the beta of Pandaria (never going to accept that tragic name), and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the all-round quality-of-life improvements to the UI and the game in general, as well as how the game engine and art design have held up and kept the game looking fresh after nearly eight years.

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Blizzard Admits ‘DIABLO III’ “Item-Hunt” End Game Ain’t Sustainable

Diablo III ain’t World of Warcraft. Da-doi! We all know that. Ain’t even the same genre of game. However, what made WoW so fucking addictive was that in addition to the gear whore mad dashing, there was a continual flow of new content. D3 ain’t got that, and even the developers know that’s a problem.

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BioWare Considering Free-To-Play For ‘STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC’, I Still Wouldn’t Care.

Do you care about Star Wars: World of Sithcraft? I don’t. Would you care about it if it was free?

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Watch: WoW’s Leeroy Jenkins Reimagined As A Heist Flick

If you’re reading this site, you know the tale of Leeroy Jenkins. Director Finn O’Hara has taken the classic meme and cast it into the mold of a heist flick. Pretty awesome stuff, though you wouldn’t know it from the YouTube comments.

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