Amazon is making an “ambitious” PC game with minds behind ‘Half-Life 2’, ‘The Last of Us’, and more


Amazon has assembled themselves a fucking murderer’s row of talent to develop an “ambitious” PC game. What is this game? Who knows. Am I intrigued, given the talent involved? Aye.


Amazon Game Studios has been growing for over a year now, but up to this point it’s only published smaller mobile releases and games for Amazon’s Fire TV hardware. According to a new hiring post on Gamasutra, that’s set to change soon.

In the post, Amazon says it’s hiring new developers for “an ambitious new PC game project using the latest technology.” The post brags about the current devs Amazon already has under its employ, which include Splinter Cell and Far Cry designer Clint Hocking and Portal designer Kim Swift.

According to the hiring post, the team also includes developers who have worked onWorld of Warcraft, BioShockHalf-Life 2Left 4 Dead, Dota 2Halo, Infamous, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and The Last of Us.

“We believe that games have just scratched the surface in their power to unite players and will produce some of the future’s most influential voices in media and art,” the post reads. It mentions using the Amazon-owned game streaming service Twitch, Amazon’s cloud and other innovations to “radically evolve gameplay.”

You can read more about the team Amazon Game Studios has pulled together so far in our report here.