Hugh Jackman Tweets ‘Logan’ Synopsis. Confirms The Sads, Man.

hugh jackman tweets logan synopsis

Logan ain’t going to be a feel good flick, huh? But, hey. I like my Wolverine thrice-fried in misery and triple-baked in torture. So this, this shit is working for me.

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New ‘Logan’ Poster Shows Wolverine Going Full Cormac McCarthy

new logan poster

Don’t think it’s particularly revelatory to compare what we’ve seen of Logan so far to The Road. But, hey, fuck it. Sometimes the easiest comparison is the one you want to make.

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‘Logan’ Trailer: Wolverine Goes The Last of Us [Updated with Red-Band Trailer]

First Look: Hugh Jackman as Old Man Logan

hugh jackman logan

The director of Logan has dropped a first look of Hugh Jackman as Old Man Logan. Dude is looking tired. Seems all but confirmed that we’re getting a riff on the Old Man Logan storyline.

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Wolverine 3 gets new title and an official poster; Logan drops March 3, 2017

Maybe: ‘Wolverine 3’ villains have been revealed


Hark! Thar be spoilers after the jump!

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Confirmed: ‘X-Force’ movie coming, female Wolverine “X-23” may be involved

Uncanny X-Force #28.

I would happily, happily! take an X-Force movie that is even remotely connected to Rick Remender’s righteous run. Compounding my excitement about this movie is the news that Bryan Singer ain’t involved in it.

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‘Wolverine 3’ casts Richard E. Grant as villain scientist

Hotel Secrets

I’m not very familiar with Richard E. Grant, but he’s going to be in Wolverine 3.

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‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Final Trailer: You Will Snikt! Yourself

Shitty cameo puns are shitty!

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Rumor: ‘Wolverine 3’ featuring X-23, the “All-New Wolverine” from the comics


Looks like X-23 is coming to the big screen, friends. I don’t really have any intimate knowledge of the character, but I dig the idea. Especially if Jackman is bowing out. This gives a way to keep “Wolverine” in the movies, without Jackman, or recasting.

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