Space Swoon: Behold Jupiter’s glorious southern hemisphere!

jupiter nasa southern hemisphere kevin m gill

Check out Jupiter’s meaty southern hemisphere! I don’t know, there’s probably a better, more puerile pun, but it’s hot out and I’m tired.

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Space Swoon: Jupiter’s gorgeously chaotic clouds captured by Juno

jupiter chaotic clouds juno

Juno out there, doing work. Capturing gorgeous images of Jupiter. This time, it’s of the planet’s gorgeously chaotic clouds.

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Mars has a dust storm so big it is encircling the entire fucking planet!

mars curiosity dust storm

I say goddamn, does Mars ever have a dust storm. In fact, the motherfucker has grown so big that its encircling the entire Red Planet.

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Space Swoon: Astronomers Find Galaxy With *Almost* No Dark Matter

galaxy no dark matter

This is one of this cosmic stories that pops-up every so often, and I just fucking love. Astronomers have found a galaxy with almost no dark matter. This is, of course, a wet fart on the face of conventional astronomical wisdom. Which I love.

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Space Swoon: Jupiter’s South Pole gets captured in a glorious time-lapse

jupiter south pole time lapse

Better than a time-lapse of my south pole, especially on a Friday night, amirite?

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NASA and Google found first solar system with 8 planets like our own, Pluto is like pfft

nasa google solar system eight planets

NASA and Google have teamed-up to find a solar system like ours, sporting eight planets. Cool! I mean, cool? It’s neat.

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Bad Ass: Voyager 1’s thrusters have been fired up for the first time in 37 years

voyager 1 thrusters fired up 37 years

No big whup. NASA Wizards have just dusted off Voyager 1’s old as fuck code, and successfully fired up its thrusters for the first time in 37 goddamn years.

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Scientists discover interstellar object flying through our solar system. Aliens taking a peek at our calamities, if you ask me

scientists interstellar object solar system

In a pretty bad ass moment for astronomy, scientists have discovered an interstellar object hurtling through our solar system. It’s the fuckin’ first, dude.

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Space Swoon: This Barred Spiral Galaxy is glorious, and a mere 30 million light-years away

ngc 2500 barred spiral galaxy

Want to check out NGC 2500? I fuckin’ get it, I do. Just set your course to its location. You know, 30 million light-years away. I’m right behind you! Seriously.

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Space Swoon: Jupiter’s Giant Red Spot gets a gorgeous close-up

jupiter giant red spot

As a meat-bag, my giant red spots and blemishes are decidedly not cool to look at. As a gas giant, Jupiter’s giant red spot is a sight to behold.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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