‘Quantum Break’ Live-Action Trailer: Time Is Power

Man. I really want to play Remedy’s new game, Quantum Break. Man. I really don’t want to watch Remedy’s new game, Quatum Break (In The Gameplay, Geddit?). You?

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‘ALAN’S WAKE: AMERICAN NIGHTMARE’ Mr. Scratch Sales Pitch Trailer: Better Than The Game.

Alan Wake: American Nightmare  has a new trailer featuring none other than the game’s antagonist Mr. Scratch reading off critiques and comments from gaming sites regarding the XBLA title. It’s good shit. I didn’t really enjoy American Nightmare, but I had no qualms supporting Remedy if it meant getting a proper sequel to Ally Waken.

Hit the jump to check out Mr. Scratch rippin’.

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‘ALAN WAKE’ Developers Hiring For Next-Gen Project. Video Game-Lit Swoon!

I love me some Alan Wake. Due to this love, I was pretty excited when the XBLA joint Alan Wake: American Nightmare  dropped last month. It wasn’t a full-on sequel, but it appeased the glands. The juicy Wake glands. Temporarily. Now that there’s news that the developers behind this series are hiring for some next-gen shiz, I’m the excite. Could it be? A real sequel?

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‘Alan Wake’ For The PC Recoups Dev and Marketing Costs In Two Days. Hell Yeah.

I love me some Alan Wake, and I’m terribly stoked that new content is dropping tomorrow on Xbox Live in the form of  Alan Wake: American Nightmare. However, what I really, really, really fucking want is a proper sequel. I don’t know if we’ll get one, but Wake’s reception on the PC could be helping my cause.

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