An Odyssey of an Interview: ULISES FARINAS!


Some claim that a mark of great art is that it conveys the creator’s enthusiasm.

If this is the case, then there’s no doubt that Ulises Farinas is one of comics’ greatest rising stars. Never heard of him? Oh, I hadn’t either, that is until I read his mindblowing GAMMA. In addition to its incredible art, compelling story, and ability to mash-up varied staples of nerdlore into one booty-shakin’ remix, GAMMA kills the reader with its passion. After reading this one-shot, I knew that I’d just discovered an artist who is truly excited to wake up and create!

And in a world inundated with paint-by-numbers, just-get-the-job-done entertainment, coming across something with a bit of zest and gusto is always refreshing.

In fact I was so won over by GAMMA that I immediately began scouring for more Ulises Farinas art. But my nerd-appetite wasn’t sated, and I hungered for more. As such, I thought I’d go directly to the gamma-powered source and ask for an interview. To the delight of all passengers aboard Spaceship OL, my questions were answered!

Hit the hyperspace jump and check out an interview with Ulises Farinas, an artist who bows to no one and bumps Rick Ross!

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Press Start: We be besmirchin’

Have I already written an intro where I apologise for it being a ‘quiet news week’ and then try to make light of the situation and appear witty and insightful by pretending that I know lots about the video game industry? I have? Damn. Well, somehow the games industry has managed to stay quiet throughout NYCC. Go figure. The nether realm is upon us and reality has collapsed into itself. I don’t believe in anything any more.

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Cosplay: Pikachu Warrior Dares You To Force Him Near Balls. Get It? Terrible Pun.

Look at motherfucking Pikachu. All done up in warrior paint asking us to tell him he isn’t a man. Brah! Pikachu. I tell him. You don’t need to hold onto such antiquated notions of masculinity. I totally found you an appropriate male paradigm when you were huggable. Drop the sword. Let’s be lovers.

A Pokémon Team Was Kicked Out Of A Hotel For Flinging Shit. Actual Shit.

Gotta crap em all? Get it? This story is insane. It involves competitive video games, feces launching, and a hotel.

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