Oni announces full-color version of ‘SCOTT PILGRIM’, dare you take the double-dip?

Perchance this is the sort of double-dipping that you may be into. Oni Press has announced that they’re going to release a full-color version of Scott Pilgrim  in an “ultra swank” format.

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Variant Covers: Reality Is A Special Effect!

Variant Covers.   Column giving the rundown of the week’s comic releases. Trite, super-personal and irreverent. Share your finds, friends.

I’ve been sick lately. For the past five days my life has consisted of scraping the existential paste out of bed, nodding somewhat coherently as I teach, and napping. Fitful, sweaty naps. The sort of naps that could fill a Gatorade bottle and whose flopping fiction could power a small town.

I have not slept. I cannot breath. I am here though. When there’s a dance you have to show up. Do your courtesies and press your fleshes.

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