Ah! I knew it, knew! when the cable companies winked SO HARD after telling us they’d respect net neutrality that they were tipping their hand. Fuckers. First news of Verizon and Comcast throttling Netflix speeds. Now comes this report that The Big Apple and The All Seeing Media Eye (that bastard Comcast/Time Warner Leviathan) are in talks to deliver privileged data treatment over the “last mile” of exchange.

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Netflix quality is sucking because of CABLE COMPANIES throttling bandwidth. F**kers.


Last weekend the fiancé and I were trying to watch the new season of House of Cards when the fucking quality was bouncing around more than my moods on one of those “Jesus Christ I forgot to take my meds for how many days?” type weeks. I had a sneaking suspicion it had to do with a) the death of Net Neutrality b) bandwidth throttling and c) intergalactic threats from Skrulltopia. Turns out I was right about two of the causes.

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Comcast Xbox 360 App PRIVILEGES Bandwidth For Itself Over Netflix and Hulu?

And I was wondering why HBO GO was running like raw-ass melted over ill performance last weekend. There are allegations that Comcast is privileging bandwidth for its own Xfinity app over others on the Xbox 360.

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Net Neutrality’s Death Begins July 12. Download That Fetish Porn STAT

You better stockpile the porn and download the esoteric bands you may enjoy. Starting on July 12 a whole cadre of ISPs are going to begin monitoring user-usage in an attempt to ferret out those they suspect are pirating content. Which means…roughly 99% of my generation.

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