‘Logan’ Clip: A Quiet, Bleak Ennui For The Berserker Turned Chauffeur

Here’s a new clip promoting Logan. It features Logan living a grim, forgotten life as a chauffeur for the drunk and douchey. It’s a bleak, matte existence for the former berserker, and sets the tone for the upcoming movie.

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New ‘Logan’ Poster: Wearied Berserker Is Wearied

new logan poster hugh jackman

Logan. Logan is tired in Logan.

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‘Logan’ Red Band Trailer: It’s X-23’s (Real) World Now

The latest Logan Red Band trailer cements two things, as if there was any doubt. That this is a different, “real” take on Wolverine. And that X-23 is a star in the (hopeful) making. I’m down with both.

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New ‘Logan’ Poster Shows Wolverine Going Full Cormac McCarthy

new logan poster

Don’t think it’s particularly revelatory to compare what we’ve seen of Logan so far to The Road. But, hey, fuck it. Sometimes the easiest comparison is the one you want to make.

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Ryan Reynolds Appearing In ‘Logan’ As Deadpool [Update: Or Nah]


Apparently, Ryan Reynolds is going to be starring in a scene of Logan as Deadpool. Apparently.

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Logan Carries X-23 Through Fire And Flames In New Movie Still

logan carries x-23

Behold! Logan carries X-23 through the fire and flames in a new movie still from the upcoming film.

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‘Y: The Last Man’ TV Adaptation Adds ‘Logan’ Writer As Its Showrunner

y: the last man tv adaptation logan showrunner

Oh dip! I completely forgot that Y: The Last Man is getting a TV adaptation! But it is! And now the show has added the writer of Logan as its showrunner. All of a sudden I’m even more interested in Logan being a good movie.

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Official ‘Logan’ Photo confirms X-23 as played by Dafne Keen

Dafne Keen x-23

Pretty much everyone has guessed that Dafne Keen is playing X-23 in Logan. But! Now the Powers that Be have confirmed it.

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‘Logan’ Trailer: Wolverine Goes The Last of Us [Updated with Red-Band Trailer]

First Look: Hugh Jackman as Old Man Logan

hugh jackman logan

The director of Logan has dropped a first look of Hugh Jackman as Old Man Logan. Dude is looking tired. Seems all but confirmed that we’re getting a riff on the Old Man Logan storyline.

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