Vladimir Putin: Russian Has Microwave Mind Control Zombie Gun. Oh Vladdy

Vladimir Putin isn’t fucking around. You can tell that the Lord Emperor of Russian (and tiger kung-fu dominator) takes the USSR’s loss of the Cold War with a particularly chaffed ass. That leads him to dropping little nougats every once in a while about Russian rockitude. Take for example, the microwave zombie gun.

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1969 Plan To Build Second Nuke-Proof Manhattan Below New York City. Cold War Porn!

Ah, the Cold War! Aside from all that insane amount of blood shed, useless money spent on arms development, psyche scarring, governments overthrown just because we didn’t agree with their potential socialist bent, and more, it produced some pretty cool retro-future stuff. Such as? This plan for a second Manhattan underneath New York City.

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First Millisecond Of A Nuclear Explosion Is The Becoming of Death.

The first millisecond after a nuclear explosion. An imperceptible moment, a horrifying glance into the first wave of annihilation. It’s pretty terrifying. Pretty. Terrifying.

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