‘Fallout 4’ Live-Action Trailer: Welcome Home!


Fallout 4.

Sweet Merciful Dingleberries, how the fuck did I miss this?! How did I?! Not only is there a fucking teaser site for Fallout 4, but it has itself one of them bona fide hype-inducing countdowns. Jesus Christ.

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Strange Moments in Solid Movies: You Dirty Rat, The Departed

Martin Scorsese is no stranger to gangster films populated by many dishonorable characters in seedy locations, scurrying around in the dark, power-playing for any (and all) loose change and on the even looser morality of their depraved circles. Starting with 1973’s Mean Streets and later reworking the turf in the 1990s with Goodfellas and Casino, Scorsese’s examinations into the gangster lifestyle have no doubt been artistically fruitful for him, as he has been better able–or, perhaps more appropriately, more willing–to show the brutal realities perpetuated by members of the underworld. And yet, in this place of double crosses and deceptions (all for the intention of looking out for number one), as outlandish as it seems, a certain code of “noble” behavior becomes hopelessly entangled in the proceedings: that, at the very least, disreputable people ought to have the common decency to live up to that reliable classification and not turn out to be backstabbers–rats–working against fellow low lives. It’s a fascinating quandary, both absurd and unsettling to behold, and it’s one that Scorsese brings to the forefront in his (only) Oscar-winning film The Departed.

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Friday Brew Review: Porter Square Porter

When people think of Boston’s beer, they probably think of Sam Adams. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, considering that the Boston Beer Company not only helped usher in the wonderful epoch of craft brewing in which now find ourselves but also continue to produce quality products. What would be a shame is if one were to think that Sam Adams is the only worthwhile suds-soda brewed in Greater Boston.

`Cause the fact of the matter – it ain’t.

Sure, if you’ve ever visited Lord Bergeron‘s domicile, you’ve probably stumbled across Boston Beer Works or Harpoon. While these brewers are good folk, and deserving of your palate’s attention, they’re essentially part of the same crew that John Adams’ cousin rolls with. But if you’re willing to look beyond even these supporting players, you might just find another star-to-be in the cast of Boston’s Brewahs!

And that’s exactly what I’ve done.

Tonight, I’m sipping on Porter Square Porter from the up-and-coming Slumbrew.

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Boston’s Regan Smith Clarke Turns One; Remains Fresh

I went to school and lived in the Boston area for most of my 20s. I can safely say that for the most part, the MA youth dress like shit (OL bloggers excluded). Lots of “Yankees Suck” shirts and “Believe in Boston” caps with battle-damaged brims.   That’s where Regan Smith Clarke steps in.

Inspired by vintage signs and advertisements, RSC is a Boston-based clothing company that’s been turning heads for a year now with their solid designs and integrity. Created by a Boston local who thought it’d be a good idea to name a clothing company after himself, RSC currently slings tees, hoodies, tote bags, and prints adorned with original designs that truly POP! To celebrate their first birthday, RSC has released a commemorative shirt, the “Year One.” And now, there’s an app for that!

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