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‘The Fate of the Furious’ International Trailer: Dominic Toretto Just Went Rogue

Is it time for The Fate of the Furious yet? No? Two months and some change? Fuck. hope the time passes. Wait for it. Fast. And furiously. #IHateMysself

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‘Fargo’ Season 3 Teaser: Bang! Down Goes Santa!

‘Deadpool 2’ Script Getting Punched Up By Drew Goddard

deadpool 2 script drew goddard

Drew Goddard is a goddamn beefy writer. So, no, I’m not worried that he’s been brought in to punch up the Deadpool 2 script. I’m excited. Stoked. Stokexcited.

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Next ‘Resident Evil 7’ DLC Will Star Chris Redfield

resident evil 7 dlc chris redfield

Chris Redfield is going to star in the next Resident Evil 7 DLC. I don’t know how! ‘Cause I didn’t read the specifics! Cause! I haven’t come close to beating the game yet. But! Nice! However, I did cross my eyes and cut and paste the explanation, so it lies within. You’re welcome.

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‘BioShock’ Developer Irrational Games Now Rebranded As Ghost Story Games

bioshock developer irrational games ghost story games

Irrational Games and Ken Levine, whose last great game came in 2007 (#shotsfired), has announced that they’ve rebranded themselves as Ghost Story Games. Here’s hoping they churn out something less turd-soaked than BioShock Infinite. An occasionally fun, deeply pretentious, mess of a game.

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Hayao Miyazaki Is Officially Out Of Retirement

hayao miyazaki officially out of retirement

Hayao Miyazaki is out of retirement. ‘Cause you can’t keep a talented auteur down, right? I mean. Like. Dude lives for this shit. As long as he lives, I imagine he’s going to be making films.

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Neil Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’ Series Debuting April 30

neil gaiman american gods april 30

American Gods is debuting April 30. Which would be intensely exciting, if I I had Starz. If…If only there was some other way to watch it. *Steve Brule Wink*

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Official: Matt Reeves Is Directing ‘The Batman’

official matt reeves directing the batman

Matt Reeves’ on-again off-again relationship with The Batman is officially on. Again. But. Like. Who fucking cares at this point? (I know, I know. Lots of people. Just not me. Okay?)

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Live-Action ‘Nightwing’ Movie Coming From ‘The Lego Batman’ Director

nightwing movie the lego batman director

Warner Bros., sensing a talented man, is apparently locking down the director of Lego Batman for a live-action Nightwing movie.

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Netflix ‘Castlevania’ Series Teased With Poster Of Dracula’s Castle

netflix castlevania poster

Netflix’s Castlevania series already feels more concrete than anticipated. Love it.

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