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Listen: John Carpenter drops the new ‘Halloween’ theme as my hype intensifies

Carpenter has dropped his new ‘Halloween’ theme (reworked is a better way of looking at it), and I’m so damn stoked for this movie.

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‘First Man’ Trailer: Ryan Gosling Finally Drops *That* Famous Line

This movie looks fucking intense, my bros. In fact, Bateman and I saw an IMAX preview for it back in the summer. And let me tell you, it put hair on my tits and a clench in my ass.

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Sony PlayStation Classic dropping this December. Like, where’s my fucking backwards compatibility tho?

sony playstation classic december

I know where my backwards compatibility is, okay? It’s buried under the prospect of making a cool $100 off chodes who are willing to buy retro consoles now. That said, knowing why don’t make me any happier about it.

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‘Wolfenstein III’ confirmed by Bethesda, which makes sense, still has me pumped

wolfenstein iii bethesda confirmed

Bethesda has gone and done the obvious: confirmed the existence of Wolfenstein III. I mean, maybe some thought it wouldn’t be given, given the spin-off game coming next year. You know, the one starring Anya and BJ’s twins. But nah, there will be more Terror Billy in our future. As there should be.

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Loki, Scarlet Witch, and other Marvel heroes getting TV series on Disney’s streaming service. I say, goddamn!

loki scarlet witch disney streaming

Disney continues to make a serious fucking case for signing-up for their streaming service. Oh, you don’t fuck with their Star Wars show? Well, how about shows starring some of your favorite MCU staples?

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‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer: So, You’re Not From Around Here

Fuck yeah, my dudes.

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Jon Hamm flat out says he would be Batman, so what the fuck WB waiting for?

jon hamm batman

The DC Cinematic Universe is a fucking dumpster fire these days. It has been for a while, actually. Raging endlessly, with each month bringing its own crisis. However, you know what would be a step in the right direction? Casting Jon Hamm as fucking Batman. It’s been rumored dude wants to be Batman. Now, he’s fucking confirmed he would take the role. So like, let’s go.

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‘Maniac’ Teaser: Emma Stone and Jonah Hill got a Multiversal Connection in Fukunaga’s limited series

Not even watching this teaser, friends. Just sharing it in case you’re inclined. Why ain’t I? ‘Cause I’m already three-thousand-fucking-percent sold on this limited series from Cary Fukunaga.

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Henry Cavill ain’t Superman anymore, maybe, who knows, nah he’s gone

henry cavill superman

Yesterday, it came out that Henry Cavill wasn’t Superman anymore. Then, WB issued a half-assed response neither confirming nor denying anything. After that, fucking Cavill himself posted some cryptic-ass Instagram message. What’s going on? Who the fuck knows. My best guess is that Cavill can’t agree on a contract, there isn’t a Superman movie planned, but that he hasn’t been officially replaced.

If he’s gone? It’s a fucking bummer. Dude deserved better than the shit salad scripts and directors he was given during his tenure as the Man of Steel.

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‘Homecoming’ Trailer: Another mind-bending series from the creator of ‘Mr. Robot’

Homecoming is a new series coming to Amazon prime, courtesy of the Mr. Robot dude. It’s based on a podcast which I listened to the majority of, and enjoyed! Why didn’t I finish it? I’m trash! Am I excited for this adaptation? You fucking bet! Sam Esmail is great at mind-bending madness!

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