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Desktop Thursdays: open your heart to the snake oil peddlers

desktop thursdays open your heart to the snake oil peddlers

This is Desktop Thursdays! Your (quasi)weekly look at my world(s). Be they emotional, virtual, realistical, video gamical. All them fucking worlds! I ain’t just about sharing, though. Show me your world(s) in the comments section. I beseech thee.

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‘Justice League’ Poster: Heralding The New Trailer Coming Saturday

justice league poster new trailer saturday

Justice League got itself a new trailer coming Saturday, and it appears a new poster today. The poster? It’s uh, generic as fuck. But I’ve long since given up trying to read a superhero movie’s quality through its promotional posters.

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‘Alien: Covenant’ Poster: A Twisting Xenomorphic Horror

alien covenant poster

Here’s a new Alien: Covenant poster for you all. If you’re like me, you’re becoming more and more nervous about how you’re becoming more and more excited.

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Leaked ‘Destiny 2’ Poster Reveals Sequel Arriving In September

destiny 2 activision 2017

Destiny 2, much like Destiny and its expansions, will be arriving in September. Hiding the poster after the jump only because of how fucking garish the image of it is.

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‘Deadpool 2’ News: Michael Shannon Frontrunner For Cable

deadpool 2 michael shannon cable

Another week, another batch of Cable casting news. This week’s frontrunner? Michael Shannon! Do I buy it? Yes! But! Only because the movie’s very writers have teased an announcement is coming soon.

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‘Castlevania’ Spiritual Successor ‘Bloodstained’ Coming To Nintendo Switch

castlevania spiritual successor bloodstained nintendo switch

Koji Igarashi, the mind behind Castlevania, is bringing his crowd-backed spiritual successor to the Switch! This development comes on the heels of the announce that the Wii U version has been canned.

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‘Death Note’ Live-Action Trailer: Shall We Begin?

Man, I never watched (all, I think I watched like four episodes?) of Death Note. But I’m rather intrigued by this adaptation. I dig the director behind it, and the trailer itself got its hooks in me. Here’s hoping, bro!

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‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Empire Cover: Neon Nights In The Cosmos

empire guardians of the galaxy 2 cover

New cover of Empire features the Galactic Squad in its newest iteration. Neat? Sure! I don’t know. I just really want this fucking movie.

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Next ‘Terminator’ Movie Cancelled, Arnold Schwarzenegger Done With Franchise

terminator movie cancelled arnold schwarzenegger gone

Wait for it. The next Terminator movie has been…Wait. Wait. Wait. Terminated! Fuck, fuck I hate myself. And, should the franchise ever come back, it will be without Schwarzenegger.

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‘Fargo’ Season 3 TV Spot: Meet The New Folks!

Fargo‘s third installment marches ever closer, and as it does my excitement swells ever larger. Here’s a new promo for the (best) show (on TV), which focuses on its new cast of characters.

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