Emma Frost Cast In X-Men: First Class; Commence Frosting Of My Own

Emma Frost has become, in recent years, a ridiculously over sexualized member of the X-Men universe. To the point where even I, horndog personified, have been like: alright, c’mon now, calm down. Nonetheless,   Alice Eve, also known as That Chick from She’s Out Of My League has been cast as the White Queen.

via slashfilm:

Briefly: Alice Eve, the lead actress from She’s Out of My League, is in talks with Fox to play Emma Frost in Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming X-Men: First Class, reports Deadline. Not long ago, very tenuous rumor had suggested the role might go to Rosamund Pike, but Pike has also been linked to the role of Moira McTaggert.

Yes? No? What do you guys think.

Jeph Loeb Is Head of Television For Marvel; Frak?

Jeph Loeb as Marvel Executive VP, and Head of Television? Oh noes.

via comics alliance:

Marvel Entertainment has announced that Jeph Loeb, writer of comic books like “Batman: The Long Halloween” and “Ultimatum,” has been named an Executive Vice-President and Head of Television at the company. Loeb, who previously worked as a writer and Co-Executive Producer on the Emmy-nominated NBC superhero TV show “Heroes” and a writer and producer on “Lost” and the Superman series “Smallville,” will be tasked with developing both animated and live-action television projects for Marvel properties as well as direct-to-DVD content.

Jeph Loeb used to be awesome. Superman: For All Season, The Long Halloween, and other tales were fantastic. He used to be one of my favorite writers. But for awhile he’s been meddling in the gulches of bullshit, penning titles that are so painfully painful, they’re either meta-amusing, or like watching your Dad trying to slow dance at some club. His “edgy” storylines on Ultimatum and Ultimates 3 were train wrecks, and either elicited groans or sympathy.

To be fair though, he has been in charge of Smallville, and despite ripping off Watchmen for Heroes, both of them were eminently watchable. Perhaps the dude is more suited for the moving pictures these days.

I don’t want to be too harsh, like I said, Loeb’s penned some excellent, excellent stuff in his lifetime, and has more creative talent in his used toilet paper than I ever will. But like Claremont, I will be forever grateful for his past work, while skeptical of his future endeavors.

Monday Morning Commute: Pepsibones And I Are Gym Class Heroes

Yes, hi, hello, how are you? The scent of rot you’re picking up is a prescient notion of your future-rot, a fate guaranteed by your entrance into Flagship Humanity. I apologize on behalf of Whatever Is Up There for our inevitably decline into stuffing for an overpriced casket.

But!, lament not. It’s the Fourth of July weekend! At least, here in the Empire. I don’t know what the rest of the world is going, and as I have been trained by a stringent regiment of indoctrination throughout the US school system – I don’t care! Are you all still watching the footy-ball? I have my money on the team of polar bears from Antarctica. Those cats (bears) can ball. Like woah.

So slough off those momentary premonitions of your inevitable demise, and gather those fucking rosebuds while you may. And by rosebuds, this weekend, I meant some chemical-soaked beef, and your light beer of choice. Let’s all party on the Titanic together.

Monday Morning Commute. Every Monday I’m going to detail the various things I’m either currently or will be watching, reading, playing, and listening to in the next seven days. It’s Monday. You’ve got a long week of school, work, or compulsive masturbation to get through. Tell me the arts that you’re indulging in, to stave off suicide.


Reading / The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson


Over the weekend Pepsibones My Better Half and I had the pleasure of attending an engagement party for a good friend of ours. His name is Patrick Cooper and his worth in nerdlore, humor, and quality writing is prolific. It was a backyard event, filled with cold cut platters served up with Star Wars figure centerpieces, alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, and lavished under the umbrella of sunlight. I diggity dug it.

It was a welcome event, replete with celebration of life and warmly portentous of happy days. Mr. Cooper and his wife are a cute couple, and the kids seem destined for happiness. Bravo to happiness, I say. If I had to guess, I would say all the bitterness stemming from the harsh reality that marriages are seldom conceived intelligently and built on ill-purpose in our society has most of us scorning them.

If we were built on the dreams of the nuclear family only to realize the unpleasant nightmare of reality, I think we should dare to imagine the idea that some though very few relationships can actually be happy.

Dare to be happy.

It was a fun event overall, but it was certainly underscored by Team Omega Level’s utter dominance at one of the most important things in life: backyard games. Namely, yard ball.

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Hemingway Heroics

[legend has it that Ernest Hemingway wrote a six-word story to win a bar bet — For sale: baby shoes, never worn. leading to the author’s birthday, I’m going to offer a daily post of my own six-word story. readers are encouraged to respond with their own]

Cut the sleeves off — it’s fashionable.


Skywalker? Dark Side My Fuggin’ Ass!

They’re always like “Luke is so dark in Jedi! He’s positively tempted!” Dark side my ass! Look at him, he’s positively jovial. The only thing dark about Lukey is that he’s spilled mayonnaise in his southpole wookie fur while thinking about his sister.

Hemingway Heroics

[legend has it that Ernest Hemingway wrote a six-word story to win a bar bet — For sale: baby shoes, never worn. leading to the author’s birthday, I’m going to offer a daily post of my own six-word story. readers are encouraged to respond with their own]

Never stop caring about your apathy.


New Inception Posters Are Hot As Funk; CAN IT JUST COME OUT ALREADY?!?!


[click to enlarge]

I need this fucking movie yesterday.


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The Goddamn Batman Goes Goddamn Golfing

The Goddamn Batkart!

[click images to enlarge]

God damn! Maybe golfing isn’t for yuppie douchebag pussies! I mean, if Batman, and no, not Bruce Wayne!, does it, it can’t be that bad.

Via: Comics Alliance:

This LA Life was the first to post pictures of the Tumbler Golf Cart, based on the vehicle’s design as seen in “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight.” A golf cart with a jet engine and armored plating is pretty darn hilarious and impressive on its own, but pushing this vehicle’s coolness factor over the edge is its place of residence: the Warner Bros. studio lot. The original rumor suggested that this golf cart actually belongs to director Christopher Nolan himself, that he’s been using this to get around the WB lot while finishing post-production on “Inception.” That rumor has since been squashed, but the fact that it’s hanging around the studio at all? That’s pretty darn priceless!


Fucking amazing. I really hope that it was Topher Nolan riding around in this wagon of bad assery and destruction while finishing Inception. And if it wasn’t him, whoever the fuck it was, kudos.

Hemingway Heroics

her man lacked passion

[legend has it that Ernest Hemingway wrote a six-word story to win a bar bet — For sale: baby shoes, never worn. leading to the author’s birthday, I’m going to offer a daily post of my own six-word story. readers are encouraged to respond with their own]

Raiders stormed the village; women rejoiced.


Ray the Writer


Ray Bradbury, one of my personal heroes. If you believe in the power of fiction, watch the video below. He speaks on the art of writing as well as the necessity of appreciating the reality we perceive. It’s awesome.

And if you don’t believe in the power of fiction, I can’t guarantee your safety. At least not at OL.