The Goddamn Batman Goes Goddamn Golfing

The Goddamn Batkart!

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God damn! Maybe golfing isn’t for yuppie douchebag pussies! I mean, if Batman, and no, not Bruce Wayne!, does it, it can’t be that bad.

Via: Comics Alliance:

This LA Life was the first to post pictures of the Tumbler Golf Cart, based on the vehicle’s design as seen in “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight.” A golf cart with a jet engine and armored plating is pretty darn hilarious and impressive on its own, but pushing this vehicle’s coolness factor over the edge is its place of residence: the Warner Bros. studio lot. The original rumor suggested that this golf cart actually belongs to director Christopher Nolan himself, that he’s been using this to get around the WB lot while finishing post-production on “Inception.” That rumor has since been squashed, but the fact that it’s hanging around the studio at all? That’s pretty darn priceless!


Fucking amazing. I really hope that it was Topher Nolan riding around in this wagon of bad assery and destruction while finishing Inception. And if it wasn’t him, whoever the fuck it was, kudos.