Cosplay: ZELDA and SHEIK are two halves of the same awesome

Zelda and Sheik

OMFG, spoiler alert or something? Yeah whatever, up your game if that shit is ruining something for you. Anyhoo – now that I’m done berating the three people who actually read this site (by accident probably), here’s some dope cosplay.

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Cosplay: Even Link can’t deny the allure of latex-clad Samus.

Cosplay: PUPPET ZELDA Has My Heart Strings. #DisastrousPuns

There’s something about Zelda  that brings out the most beautiful cosplayers. I ain’t complaining! We have a new batch of quality Zelda cosplay, with a little Midna sprinkled in.

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Cosplay: Link and Epona Totally (Hy)rule! Get It? I Hate Myself.

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Oh shit! Yeah man, when you bring a horse into the game everything changes. Everything.