Weekend Open Bar: upon the shores


Hello, friends. And welcome to Weekend Open Bar. The column that sits us around the poisoned watering hole at the End of the Pop Culture Universe. It’s a little gathering we do every week. Where share how we’re celebrating the End of the (Theoretical) Work Week. Certainly many still work, but for others like myself there is the illusion of reprieve. I tell you what, it certainly will feel like an illusion tonight when I’m lesson planning for next week’s classes.

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Cosplay: MAD MOXXI from ‘BORDERLANDS 2’ is jubjublicious.

Mad Moxxi.

Here is some glorious Max Moxxi cosplay to salve the sting of a Monday. Let Jessica Nigri and the power of lift-inducing brassieres carry you to the end of your day.

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Cosplay: PRINCESS PEACH PIN-UP. I must have ate a mushroom, things are growing.

I am intrigued.

Here is some glorious Princess Peach cosplay upside your head. When framed like this, it is pretty easy to see why Bowser kept snagging her out of Mario’s impotent hands. I’m not condoning it, don’t get me wrong. But I understand. (Oh lighten up.)

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Cosplay: Aela The Huntress from ‘SKYRIM’ is warmth in the tundra.

This, this is the goodness right here. As the frost covers the ground, just imagine this wonderful lass keeping you company.

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