Chris Pine has reportedly finalized deal to be in ‘Wonder Woman’ and its sequels


Captain Kirk is going Amazonian! That’s..That’s all I got. ‘Cause I don’t know the character Pine has signed on to portray.

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Ridley Scott: Ford called ‘Blade Runner 2’ script “best thing ever”

Blade Runner.

According to Ridley Scott, Harrison Ford found the Blade Runner 2 script the “best thing ever omfg wow!” or something. ‘Cause like, you know Scott would totally report, “I sent him the script and he found it to be cindering dog shit.”

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Bungie reveals ‘DESTINY’, sort of. Hope you like f**king concept art.


Bungie has like, sort of technically revealed Destiny. It is a reveal, if you consider dropping a lot of buzzwords, hype, promises, and concept art as a reveal. Which I sort of do. However, at this point in the fucking charade, I imagine the rest of the public wants something more substantial. Don’t get me wrong, it is sexy concept art. But I mean, it is ephemeral as fuck. After years of murmurings, the company behind Halo sated its public with more morsels than anything else. C’mon Bungie. I want to be excited about your game. Throw me something concrete.

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