New ‘GRAND THEFT AUTO V’ artwork is all ‘Vamonos pest!’

When you’re dying of starvation, you’ll take sort of sustenance. Here is a little, little morsel from Grand Theft Auto V. The roof is going to be blown off this fucker in the next issue of Game Informer, so stay strong. Chew this slowly.

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WATCH: ‘BEYOND GOOD & EVIL 2’ Environments Walkthrough. Wru, Game?

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is something of a unicorn in the gaming world. Oft whispered about, nearly never seen. Much like unicorns, the sightings are relegated to drunkards with throbbing cocks and bleary eyes. We hear the tales and roll our eyes, disbelieving. Here’s the latest sighting, but whether or not it holds true is your own to decide.

A video walkthrough of some environments, plus captures after the break.

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