Weekend Open Bar: Awash In The Digital Sea


Welcome one, welcome all to Weekend Open Bar. The weekly weekend column where those of us lucky enough to have the next couple of days off (and those unlucky enough to not have them off, too) gather around the Digital Hearth. We share stories of what we’re going to be doing to enjoy our weekend. We share stories of the games we’re going to play, the movies we’re going to watch. We share stories of the meals we’re going to eat, the mistakes we’re going to make.

And go ahead! Make mistakes! Kiss that guy you can’t see yourself with long-term. Eat that twelfth slice of pizza. Play¬†Overwatch until 6:30 am, bleary-eyed and too caffeinated to sleep well. Too hungover to yield a non-spinning room. And go ahead! Make mistakes!

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Personal Trainer Intentionally Gains 70 Pounds On Junk Food, So He Can Lose It Again.

Drew Manning is a personal trainer. Who has been intentionally eating like a fat ass for the past few weeks in order to prove…something? by losing it all. He’s gained 70 pounds so far.

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