Views From The Space-Ship: Television is reality, and reality is less than television

desktop thursdays television is reality

Hey, comrades. How are you doing? A bit blanched by the banality of existence? A bit staggered by the Sisyphean grind that is consciousness? Well, how about I offer you a little distracting voyeurism? After all, that’s the point of Desktop Thursdays.

A look into my life! My existential, digital, and meat-case vibes.

Then, if you’re so inclined, provide me with a little material in the comments section. An escape for me through your own world(s).

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David Cronenberg Is Down With Digital Over Film; Long Live The New Film! #CrapPuns

Cronenberg was at  Cannes Film Festival  big reppin’ his latest film Cosmopolis  as well as the first film by his son. While there, the good master of  venereal horror spat a bit about the usage of digital film versus the old and wonderful. His take? Fuck film, man!

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Robert Pattinson Recreates Scenes From CRONENBERG’S VIDEODROME & SCANNERS. The Ill Na-Na.

Listen Robert Pattinson you seem like you got yourself some acting chops. Imma forgive you for starring in Vampire Cinematic Pukepile  just based on the fact that you’re doing a Cronenberg flick, and even upgrade you to dope status for these pictures. Duder recreated scenes from two of my faves Videodrome  and Scanners. How can I hate on that? I can’t. I won’t.

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AUDIENCE NOTES From A Screening Of Cronenberg’s VIDEODROME Are Fantastic

Thanks to our own Patrick Cooper for pointing me towards these gems. If you’ve seen Videodrome, an collection of reactions from the average human won’t surprise you at all in their horror. Shock. Confusion. If you’ve seen Videodrome  and you loved it (hi!), they’re doubly amazing.

Hit the jump to check them out.

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