Cosplay: LUCCA and AYLA from dat ‘CHRONO TRIGGER.’


Enter into the Wayback Machine for this cosplay! Get it? ‘Cause Chrono Trigger is about surfing the streams of time? Eh, whatever!

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Cosplay: Honey I shrunk the MASTER CHIEF. Get it? Wakka wakka.

Tiny stature, enormous swagger.

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Cosplay: EDI from ‘MASS EFFECT 3’ is robotic erotica. Yes, yes, yes.

Cosplay: Kasumi from ‘MASS EFFECT’ thieves me with a body hugging outfit.

What’s going on, Kasumi? You seem to be pretty flagrant in your behavior right now, for a thief. Get out of the sun! Get moving. Jeepers.

Cosplay: GORDON FREEMAN and HEADCRAB DUDE Just Enjoying Some Pretzel.

Cosplay: This DUKE NUKEM Is All The Roided Brodude You Could Hope For!

Yo, Dude. Glad to see you’re doing aiight. I mean last year Forever dropped and it stank worse than your protein-heavy roid dumps. You ain’t letting that get you down, and that’s a good thing. Stay strong.

Cosplay: Ruby Rhod From ‘THE FIFTH ELEMENT’ Is Flamboyant Magnifience.

Goddamn glory tits, this is some fantastic Fifth Element cosplay.

Cosplay: ZERO SUIT SAMUS Is Spadex Lightsaber Bliss

It’s been a long week. I’ve needed this. A lot.

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Cosplay: Morrigan From ‘DARKSTALKERS’ Got More Bounce For Her Ounce

This Morrigan right here has got some serious curves for her swerves. Bounce for her ounce. Something for her something.

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Cosplay: EARTHWORM JIM’S Princess Whatshername Goes Strangely Erotic

This cosplay takes one of my favorite video games from childhood and dribbles a strange but approved taste of eroticism all over it. Now I finally get the impetus for saving the old hag.