Two New Dark Moons may be hiding near Uranus. Jokes Write Themselves

dark moons uranus

Researchers have discovered  what appears to be two new Dark Moons. Lurking near Uranus. God is not without a sense of humor, it seems.

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Check out Uranus contrasted against the rings of Saturn


Spa-spa-spa-space! It’s not without its humbling glimpses into the perspective of It All. Here’s a pretty sexy image snagged by Cassini that features Uranus against the rings of Saturn.

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AURORAS Spotted On URANUS For First Time. Cue Puns.

Have you seen an aurora? I sure haven’t. My experience with them have been confined to Skyrim. Don’t get me wrong, those were gorgeous, I would just much prefer seeing one in person. Now, what could be more fantastic than that? Seeing one on a foreign planet.

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Uranus’ Tilt Is From A Double-Whupping Upside Its Head.

Astronomi-wizards have long been trying to figure out why Uranus is tilted over on its side. Late night partying? Existential vertigo? Or perhaps a comet-based beat down. By not one, but two rough riders.

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