Confirmed: ‘X-Force’ movie coming, female Wolverine “X-23” may be involved

Uncanny X-Force #28.

I would happily, happily! take an X-Force movie that is even remotely connected to Rick Remender’s righteous run. Compounding my excitement about this movie is the news that Bryan Singer ain’t involved in it.

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SAM HUMPHRIES taking over ‘UNCANNY X-FORCE’ with Ron Garney. IMU, Remender.

Goddamn. One of the painful points of Marvel NOW! is seeing all my beloved creators jettisoned from the titles that caused me to swoon for them in the first place. Latest casualty? Ricky Remender’s sweet departure from Uncanny X-Force. Eh, fuck it. At least it’s Sam fucking Humphries!

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Images & Words – Uncanny X-Force #9

[images & words is the comic book pick-of-the-week at OL. equal parts review and diatribe, the post highlights the most memorable/infuriating/entertaining book released that wednesday]

This post is specifically designed for jabronis and slutbags. Why is that? Why am I addressing such human wreckage? Well, simply put, Uncanny X-Force #9 is a comic that everyone should be able to enjoy.

Even the cretins of the multiverse.

Elder Brother Omega has been singing praises of this series for awhile now. Unfortunately, I’d mostly turned a deaf ear to these songs of jubilation, preferring instead to rely   on pre-judgments and close-minded certitudes. “Oh, an X-title about a team designed specifically to murder the most dangerous threats on the planet – it must be fanboy manual-masturbation. What a setback to the art of sequential narrative.”

Yes, I’ve be known to play the role of the unpersuadable asshole.

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