Watch: Pokémon 20th Anniversary Super Bowl Commercial

I’m not going to lie. I never got down with Pokemon back in the day. I wrongly poo-poo’d it as “kiddie nonsense”, apparently twenty years ago. At the time I was listening to Megadeth, jerking off compulsively, and playing “real games!” like Twisted Metal or some shit. Now, obviously I do all that still, swapping out Twisted Metal for Fallout 4. But I’m intrigued by Pokemon these days, seeing its allure and OCD-influenced live-ruining potential, and despite having never played the title, this commercial is all sorts of awesome none the less.

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‘Twisted Metal’ Brings Ludicrous New Trailer. I’m All In.

There’s a new trailer for ‘Twisted Metal’ PS3-stylee, and it’s out of its fucking gourd. Pure madness in all the best ways, punctuated by fucking mech battles. Mech battles!, in Twisted Metal. I had no damn idea.

Hit the jump so thine eyes can see the glory.

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Twisted Metal Returns To The PS3; I Got A Fuggin’ Sweet Tooth for Death


One of the dopest gaming memories I have is Black Friday from 1995. My grandmother took me out shopping for my Christmas present; she lived in Connecticut and was only up for Turkey Day. I browsed the aisles, but I wasn’t fucking around. I wanted Twisted Metal. I took that son of a bitch back home, and giggled all my way to death, destruction, and mayhem. The eerie screams of Sweet Tooth have been haunting me for fifteen fucking years. So the fact that there’s a new Twisted Metal bound for my PS3 has me doing backflips.

via kotaku:

That long rumored Twisted Metal revival from Eat Sleep Play is real and Sony had the multiplayer portion of the game playable at its E3 booth, a vehicular combat game that might offend your sensibilities, but not for its gameplay.

While playing Twisted Metal–that’s the final and straightforward title of the new PS3 game–I ran over dozens of innocent bystanders with my ambulance, aka the Meat Wagon, and launched hospital patients strapped to gurneys, bombs strapped to their chests, at my foes.

It’s been a while since my last Twisted Metal experience, way back to Twisted Metal Black for the PlayStation 2, so coming to grips with the game’s driving and killing controls took a few moments to get used to. But the new game, in which players control factions lead by Twisted Metal mainstays like the insane clown Sweet Tooth and the porcelain faced Dollface, instantly feels familiar.

Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3 has many of the mechanics from previous entries, with special weapons like lock-on missiles and shotgun blasts scattered around each map. My favorite is the hellfire-like missile that paints a splash damage target on the battlefield just after launch and lets the player choose the moment of impact.

Throw in the fact that there’s going to be 24-player online deathmatch? Holy shit. Let’s party like we don’t got pubes. Shave em and rage, yo!