‘OPRHAN BLACK’ Season 2 Trailer: Many Clones, Many Problems

Orphan Black

Like god knows how many clones running around in Orphan Black, and they’re all suffering shit lives. Can’t wait to see said shit lives continue! Plus! Fucking Plus! Is that Doral from BSG running around? Fuck yes.

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‘FARGO’ TV Trailer: Bilbo’s Seen Better Days

Fargo TV trailer.

Yeah, this trailer was posted a serious fucking minute ago. Whoops! But it’s froggy fresh, and I’m totally excited for this here series. So I’m posting it. Let’s chat about it! Grab your coffee, take off your pants, and let’s gab.

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‘GAME OF THRONES’ SEASON 4 Trailer; Plus! How Long The Show Will Run


My abandonment at the hands of a concluded True Detective is vicious. Stumbling, snot-nosed, crying through the aisles of 7-Eleven. My slurpee-vomit caked t-shirt displaying Rust’s face. My finger paint execution of said likeness, flawless. Thankfully though, there shall be a Throne soon arriving to quell this hysteria.

Join me in watching a new trailer for the show’s fourth season! Plus! Details about the show’s long term details!

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New ‘ORPHAN BLACK’ Season 2 Trailer: All Your Clones Are Belong To Us

Orphan Black.

New Orphan Black trailer! New Orphan Black trailer! Drop down and get your clone on? Or something?

Just hit the jump.

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’24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY’ Trailer: Would You Believe Bauer Goes Rogue?

Jack Bauer is back.

Everyone’s favorite distributor of Torture Porn is back in the house. And would you believe despite giving Jack Bauer a respite, the writers of 24: Live Another Day seem to offer nothing new? Even in the trailer? I mean — mentioning that he’s a traitor in the span of a thirty-second trailer? Pretend to do something different, FOX! (Or maybe it’s just the old “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Cause I’ll end up watching anyways.)

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‘ORPHAN BLACK’ Season Two Trailer: You Don’t Own Us!

Orphan Black.

More Orphan Black! More Orphan Black! Gods Be Good, please let the season two premiere arrive already. Posto-cuto, there is the an S2 trailer, as well as a couple of sneak previews.

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‘HOUSE OF CARDS’ Season 2 Trailer: Still no patience for useless things

Still no patience for useless things.

Fuck yeah. Here is a proper trailer for House of Cards’ second season. Frankie Underwood. How I’ve missed you.

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Brody Time.

Read that headline as homoerotically as you wish. I know I will be. Here is another trailer for the third season of Homeland. Taking itself way too seriously. Just a bunch of sad people looking sad. No matter. It features The Beard preparing its search for that ginger-headed terrorist fuck.

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