PIRATE BAY Announces New IP Address, Effort Designed For Proxy Friendliness.

You can’t keep a good torrent site down. Unless you’re the slew of porn torrent sites that I used to frequent. In that case you can stake them through the heart and leave me devastated. Not Pirate Bay though, nope. No way.

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‘PIRATE BAY’ RETURNS, Anti-Anonymous Hacker Takes Cred.

Good news! Your probably source for the newest Miley Cyrus jam or copy of Adobe Photoshop is back up and running. The Pirate Bay has returned, set to sail the seas of free.

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PIRATE BAY Offline After “Quite Big” DDoS Attack; Don’t Look At Anonymous They Say.

I would never download torrents (heh), but if I did I wouldn’t use Pirate Bay. That’s why despite it being down apparently for a day, I haven’t noticed.

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The Pirate Bay May Be Blocked In the UK. Figures, Colonists.

All you need to know about the Pirate Bay being blocked in the UK can be learned from watching the first “Pirates of the Carribean” movie where a plucky band of pirating assholes lead by Johnny Depp take on the British-People-Guys and their colonizing brigades.

I can’t be wrong about this, can I?

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