Fan Made ‘Thor: The Dark World’ POSTER containing SERIOUS BROMANCE is FEATURED in Shanghai Theater


This is all sorts of wonderful. A fan made poster for Thor: The Dark World featuring some smoldering adopted-brother romancing has found its way into a theater. Well done, fandom. Well done, Shanghai theater.

Hit the jump.

Bask in the beauty.

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OVER 12,000 LOKI FANS petition for a SOLO FILM. He’d Smirk a lot and Canoodle Thor.

They Like Loki.

Listen, I like Loki. He gets Thor all brooding and shit, really darkening the Lightning Lord’s mood and making his beard really pop. Get his Mjölnir throbbing and such. So I dig the character. But I don’t know how I’d feel about a solo film starring him. 12,000 other people? They don’t share my uncertainty.

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