Mars may have once had rings, according to new research. The Red Planet fucking rocks, dudes

mars rings research

Oh fucking hell! Mars has a goddamn monopoly on awesomeness in our solar system (though, granted, Jupiter is amazing, so is Saturn, okay, they’re all rad). Apparently, the son of a bitch may have once had rings.

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Space Swoon: Mars got itself a delicious looking slice of polar ice cap!

NASA has framed this photo of a polar ice cap as the Martian equivalent of a “delicious slice of layered tiramisu” and frankly, I fuck with the description. Plus, you know, it’s goddamn gorgeous.

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Check It. First color photo of Mars from India’s Orbiter


India’s Mars Orbiter is currently chilling, safely orbiting the Red Planet. Traveling the cosmic highways is done! Which means that it’s time to get the fuck down with the dirty stuff. Like sending us back gorgeous pictures.

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MARS ONE beginning to recruit for ONE-WAY TRIP in July.

Mars! For fucking attention douches.

If you want to go to Mars so fucking badly that you don’t care if you come back, Mars One may be interested in your ass. Those of us who would rather wander Ares than ever suck air on Earth again will be able to apply for the trip. But wait, there is more! Should you spacefaring ass be chosen, you will then enter into some sort of zany reality show about the colonization of the planet.

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Spying On The Mars Opportunity Rover From Space!

Watch the fuck out! That’s the Mars Opportunity rover rolling up on a crater. Don’t do it! Life’s worth living! This picture is pretty awesome. It’s of a piece of technology we placed down to explore an alien world being seen by another piece of technology we jettisoned into space and traveled 35-million miles.