Monday Morning Commute: So Happy Together


So it appears that Rendar didn’t do MMC this week! It’s okay. I love him. Bro-Love. Born out of a mutually shared origin story plucked from the depths of our Dad’s testicles. Grown deep in our Mom’s womb. Fostered by a shared diet of Soda, Video Games, Comic Books, and Rust In Peace listenings. This is a lightning warfare edition of MMC – typed (more) frantically (than usual) in-between duties on campus. ICYDK: This is the column where we share what we’re digging during a given week. Let’s dance.

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‘THE RAID 2’ U.S. Trailer: All The Swords, All The Fists

The Raid 2.

The first official US trailer for The Raid 2 has dropped. Sweet Berry Wine, this flick looks goddamn insane. Cannot wait. Cannot.

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‘THE RAID 2’ INDONESIAN TRAILER: Baseball Bat Brutality

The Raid 2

There’s a moment in the trailer for The Raid 2 where the main character spends like four seconds just working a dude over with a baseball bat. Baseball Bat-kata. It sets the tone for what I expect to be a relentlessly vicious good time. Fuck yes.

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The Raid 2 - Berandal.

Smash, boom, pow! Gurgling on own blood! Broken bones, broken necks! Smiles! Infinite smiles! You see, The Raid 2 already has a release date in the United States.

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