‘The Force Awakens’ Non-News: Three actors from ‘The Raid’ are in the flick

The Raid.

LISTEN. At least I ain’t like one of them-there Movie Sites making money off of non-news, trying to dress my post up as anything other than me frantically tugging my fanboy force-phallus. Okay? Three actors from The Raid are in The Force Awakens and no one knows what the fuck they’re doing in the movie. Some speculate they are choreographing an action sequence. CAN YOU FUCKING IMAGINE?

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‘THE RAID 2’ U.S. Trailer: All The Swords, All The Fists

The Raid 2.

The first official US trailer for The Raid 2 has dropped. Sweet Berry Wine, this flick looks goddamn insane. Cannot wait. Cannot.

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‘THE RAID 2’ INDONESIAN TRAILER: Baseball Bat Brutality

The Raid 2

There’s a moment in the trailer for The Raid 2 where the main character spends like four seconds just working a dude over with a baseball bat. Baseball Bat-kata. It sets the tone for what I expect to be a relentlessly vicious good time. Fuck yes.

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The Raid 2 - Berandal.

Ohhh baby. If you’ve done goofed up and not caught The Raid yet, you might want to get on that shit. Immediately. The ferociously violent, yet entertaining inventive action flick has spawned a sequel, and the trailer for it has arrived.



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