Views From The Space-Ship: The Shores of Consciousness

views shores of consciousness

Goddamn, it’s really been a month since I dropped ya’ll a peek into my life? Gave you a glimpse into the fart-laden, madness-powered halls of my existence? Again, I say goddamn! You can really tell the end of the semester blasted me in the nards and then open-hand slapped me into submission. Anyhoo — check it out, a few glimpses into my meat-space from the past month! Admittedly, I’ve accidentally deleted a lot of photos from my camera, so what you’re really seeing are the ones that escaped the mistaken cullings.

Nonetheless! Here you go! Join me in the comments section with your own views, my friends!

This is Views From The Space-Ship!

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Views From The Space-Ship: Raise Your Horns!


Raise your horns, raise them up to the sky! Hello fellow citizens of Asgard, how goes it? Me? Oh this guy? Doing great. Semester is almost over, psyche is in a state of repair, new Star Wars has been taken to the dome. So I’m glad, glad as fuck to show you my world(s). Real, virtual, aesthetic, domestic. All of them. I hope! Oh do I hope! After you’re done checking out my worlds. After you’re done draining your horn of mead. Share a look into your worlds in the comments section!

This is Desktop Thursdays.

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