The Great Gatsby Gets Made Into Playable 8-Bit Game. It’s Awesome.

The Great Gatsby has been made into a playable “Nintendo” game over at greatgatsbygame.com. Let me tell you, this shit is bananas. B-a-n-a-n-a-s. It isn’t just some cute  facsimile, it’s an actual fucking game with platforming and a soundtrack and enemies that will quite frankly, fuck you up.


Gatsby is one of my favorite novels of all time. There are few scenes more haunting to me than Jay Gatz gazing over his grounds at the end of the book. Looking around all his has amassed and realizing that the American Dream is, in fact, a fiction. The poor demented, diluted, perhaps naive idealist coming to see that social mobility is an adorable mirage, and watching as his aspirations fall down around him.

Slap that together with my nostalgia for gaming from my childhood, and you have an homage to end all of them.