Orfice Abuse Horizon Tentacles


I hadn’t been covering Search Engine Terms lately, because there wasn’t anything new and truly extraordinary. Plus, I realized that if I want you, my friends, to be able to read my crap at work, I should probably stop posting links like “BRUCE WAYNE’S JISM NIPPLES” on Facebook. So I’ll take that into consideration. But this one is truly head-scratching:

Orifice Abuse Horizon Tentacles. Hm. I definitely know what orifice abuse is, but horizon tentacles? Huh? I got confused. Then I hit Google up, and apparently, there’s a hentai called Orifice Abuse – Horizon of Tentacles. Amazing.

And don’t think you were getting off the hook, Mr. or Mrs. World of Warcraft cumshots! What exactly where you searching for? Arthas climaxing onto Yogg-Saron? I’m sorry to disappoint. But welcome to the my adobe, I’ll treat you well.